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Aerospace training

ARES provides consultancy for development and management of aerospace products and organisations, with personnel holding european regulations qualifications.

ARES, member of ALTAIR consortium, provides specific training in the aerospace sector.

iMEX.A offers courses on high quality and innovative topics, thanks to specific expertise of the teachers in their respective fields of specialization, in which are involved in research and development through partnerships with other companies and Italian and foreign universities. On request it is possible to integrate the training proposal to meet specific requirements of clients

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AVIATION LEGISLATION – Basic knowledge - initial

INTRODUCTION TO SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - basic knowledge and internal occurrence reporting and investigation


QUALITY SYSTEM – Introduction to Quality System of  approved organizations in compliance with Commission Regulation (EC) 748/2012 Part 21 subpart G - POA and Part 21 subpart J - DOA, and 2042/2003 - Part 145.

DESIGN AND PRODUCT ASSESSMENT – Procedures to assure design and products conformity

INTERNAL AUDITOR – ISO 19011 aerospace sector – AS/EN 9100 – Aviation, Space and Defense organizations

INTERNAL AUDITOR – ISO 19011 aerospace sector – AS/EN 9110 – Maintenance organizations

in cooperation with iMEX.A:

- Orbital Mechanics

- Chemical space propulsion - Fundamentals

- Electrothermal space propulsion

- Electromagnetic space propulsion

- Electrostatic space propulsion

- Space sail propulsion

- Ionizing radiations space propulsion


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